Artist’s Statement

  • bioartist’s statement

    I am moved by the natural world, earth sky and sea, with all its beauty and mystery.

    I aim to promote the appreciation & conservation of our natural environment through painting, photography and other art forms.

    Sometimes the inspiration to recreate nature is effortless, like the miracle of light and shadow, a surprise spray of spring color, sparkle of waves or fog in the trees. Other times, I am on an intentional quest to capture the glory in a far corner of the earth.

    When I see it, ineffably, I am elated to a magical place.

    My methods are simple: I am present and observe, I work fast to savor the moment, aiming to echo and portray the wonder with brush or lens. I aim to find the expressions of light, harmony and wonder and how it makes me feel, where dream becomes reality and reality becomes a dream-   I take time to ponder their true essence.

    Losing this edge allows me to journey and transform through art.